What is Positive Reinforcement?

It is a reward based system in which you use food, toys, or something they like to motivate the dog into doing what is asked.

 In short it's rewarding the good behaviors & understanding the not so good ones. Just like with kids there is usually a reason behind most unwanted behaviors. All we need to do is listen to what they need & go from there. 

Why Positive Reinforcement? 

Science has shown us that using reward based training is more effective when teaching vs using punishment.

It's not only a more fun way for you to teach your canine but it has long lasting positive benefits.

Adult canines have the cognitive ability of a three year old child. How would you teach a child?

How can this help me?

With these modern training techniques you'll learn a new way to be your canine's best friend and teacher.

You'll have a new understanding & a stronger bond with your canine then ever before!

Not only will you be able to use these techniques with your current canine but for future friends as well!